Objects and documents

In 2004, the Argentine Navy handed the Officers’ Club over completely empty, with no objects or items from its concentration practices. Since the opening of the Museum in 2015, relatives of the disappeared and survivors began to approach the Museum little by little to offer their personal collections. In general, these are objects that belonged to or were made by detainees who disappeared during their captivity. The collection includes elements of repression (handcuffs, shackles, among others), forged documents and products of forced labor that survivors managed to take from the Clandestine Center.

A similar process occurred with members of the judicial system. Judges and prosecutors began to request that the Museum keep documentary collections. Through these requests, the museum has received documentation of court cases associated with this Clandestine Center. Thhese documents are meant to inform the Argentine society about what happened to the victims of State terrorism during their actual detention and also the background and consequences of it.