The Third Anniversary of the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory

The ESMA Museum and Site of Memory – Former CCDTE organized a presentation of the book “The Five O’clock Tour” on May 19th, in the context of the International Museum Day and the celebration of its own 3rd anniversary. Attendees included members of human rights organisms, survivors, government officials, scholars, journalists and many of the guests and chroniclers who participated in the special Tour that is held on the last Saturday of every month.

“This Museum carries an element of plasticity and complexity. It is what we have built, with mistakes and contradictions. I’m not having a surge of pragmatism, but of democracy. In the end, democracy is having a table where we can all sit down. Then we can fight, and we kind of have the duty of doing so. It’s not easy. I can think of thousands of examples where it didn’t work out. I can think of one example where it has: this place,” said Martin Gras before closing the event.

Attendees included Mothers Vera Jarach, Lita Boitano and Hilda Micucci; survivors Carlos Muñoz, Ricardo Coquet, “Mantecol” Ayala, Adriana and Norma Suzal, Laura Reboratti, Néstor Fuentes, Rolo Miño, Daniel Oviedo, Alejandro Clara and Miriam Lewin; restored grandchildren Victoria Montenegro, Sebastián Rosenfeld, and Pablo Gaona Miranda; Daniel Tarnopolsky, Valeria Barbuto and Paula Sansone; geneticist Víctor Penchaszadeh, Corina Leguizamón; Roberto Busnelli, Martín Capelutto and Pablo Doudchitzky; Roberto Villarruel from Centro Universitario de Idiomas (CUI); journalists Carlos Ulanovsky, Sebastián Lacunza, Diego Trerotola and María Freier, Luisa Wettengel from the Kasemann Foundation and Rodrigo Daskal, director of the River Museum. Representing the judicial branch: Alejandro Slokar, member of the Criminal Appeals Chamber; María del Carmen Roqueta, former head of the court that tried the appropriation of children plan ; Carolina Varsky, coordinator of the Prosecution Office for Crimes against Humanity of the Attorney General’s Office, and prosecutor Ángeles Ramos.