On March 25th, 1977, Rodolfo Walsh was kidnapped near the corner of San Juan and Entre Ríos avenues in the City of Buenos Aires, and his dead body was brought to this clandestine center.


“In order to capture Walsh, and considering the victim’s combative personality, the Task Force 3.3.2 planned a large operation; this has been established by the difference in the numbers demonstrated by the amount of agents taking part in the operation, and the size of the deployment that was carried out to secure his kidnapping. Even the level of preparation of the operative team has been proven by the presence of a sniper. Apart from their main goal, their criminal plan stipulated that in the event that Walsh made even the slightest attempt to resist capture, the process would end with his death.” In 2011 the City of Buenos Aires’ Federal Criminal Court #5 sentenced eight people for their participation in this kidnapping, torture and homicide, which was proven in court for the first time in 34 tears.