In the context of the Mandatory and Preventive Social Isolation (ASPO), and spread out in two online sessions, the First 2020 Work Meeting between Museums and Other Spaces of Memory took place in June, with the participation of the Secretary of Human Rights Horacio Pietragalla Corti. The goal was establishing an exchange on audience expansión in these places, as well as producing contents for the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory’s nomination le for the Unesco World Heritage List, a key line to work on a shared agenda.

Attendees laid out the issues that exist in their sites regarding tourist reception (uninformed visitors), advertising targeted to uninformed adults, tours and activities for minors, and the transmission of Memory through other languages. They also expressed their ideas about the Unesco nomination.

Our country’s rich and diverse experiences in memorialization are an essential contribution to the policies of Memory, Truth and Justice, strengthening the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory’s nomination to the Unesco World Heritage List and promoting the State’s commitment to the continuity and expansion of these initiatives.

Inputs from the attendees