Education Area

Since its inauguration in 2015, the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory – Former Clandestine Center of Detention, Torture and Extermination welcomes student groups from middle and high school institutions.

Walking on the site where the events took place is of vital importance in order to understand what you rear, watch and listen about State terrorism in Argentina during the last civic-military dictatorship. The chance to learn about our history in one of the most emblematic buildings related to this issue is an essential tool to drive the transmission of memory to the new generations. It is a tool that is available for teachers across the country to complement classroom activities when addressing the subject of State terrorism.

The ESMA Museum and Site of Memory has an education area that plans and designs actions that include: teacher meetings, student workshops, training and scriptwriting for specific themed tours. It is also the area that maintains relations with education areas from other local and foreign Sites of Memory, museums, state and national institutions and other places like high schools and universities.

Visits have a duration of approximately 90 minutes and cover the building following the museographic path. Visitors must be at least 12 years of age. When booking dates to visit the Museum, you will receive a form you need to fill to complete the preparation for the visit.

Since the building continues to be a piece of judicial evidence in the ESMA Mega-Case, we ask visitors to come without bags, beverages or food. If that’s not possible, we have a Coat Check available. We suggest you contemplate having breakfast or lunch prior to the visit.

If you wish to book a visit, email us at or call +54 (11) 5300-4000 ext. 79178/80.