We have made available a book with educational materials from other places and institutions to use before and after a guided tour of the Museum and Site of Memory. These tools offer an adequate framework to reflect on State Terrorism and make the most of a guided in one of our country’s most emblematic Clandestine Centers. You can also find a map of the property and the educational missions of the different institutions that work here.

Suggested Bibliography for Regular Visits:

Thinking about the dictatorship: terrorism by the Argentine State – Argentina’s Ministry of Education, 2010.

Resources for classrooms

Booklet “The Last Dictatorship” – Argentina’s Ministry of Education, 2010.

Who am I? – Argentina’s Ministry of Education, 2010.

Discovery Channel. Didactic Material on the subject for classroom use

Former Esma, Portraits of a Recovery – Series of short documentaries from Discovery Channel

Series “History of a Country”: Documentary series on Argentine history made by the Discovery Channel

Portraits of a Genocide: a series of interviews with Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo

Area for Memory and Human Rights – The Former ESMA:

Memoria Abierta: Access to historical documents, lecture materials, audiovisual documents, images and important dates

CELS (Center for Legal and Social Studies): Access to statistics and documents related to the Trials for Crimes Against Humanity

40 years since the coup. Knowing the past, questioning the present, constructing the future (2016)

Digital Materials

Strengthen citizenship in class to advocate for “Nunca Más.”

Using sources: the traces from the past.

Resource Center: elementary, high school, and adults

Murals for Memory.

Catalogue of the exhibition “Murals for Memory” installed in the Alfredo Bravo Salon in the Ministry of Education. Buenos Aires, Ministry of Education, Mutual Association of Israel Argentina AMIA, 2017.