In the context of the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory’s candidacy to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Legal and Technical Secretary of the Presidency Vilma Ibarra visited the Museum on July 21. Joined by her staff, the official took a guided tour of the space and learned the details of the application.

«This visit is a journey through our history and our pain, but also a recognition of the struggle and the enormous commitment of the Argentine people and human rights organizations so that we could finally reach the historic criminal convictions of those responsible for so much horror», Ibarra said after her first visit to the building of the former Officers’ Quarters, where the Clandestine Center of Detention, Torture and Extermination of the Navy School of Mechanics operated.

Regarding the Museum’s candidacy for the UNESCO program whose purpose is to identify and preserve heritage assets that have outstanding universal value, Ibarra stated: “Argentina has a lot to tell the world because it has been able to delve into its history and rethink the enormous value of democracy as a guardian of Peace and Justice, which in a way are forms of repairing ourselves”.

The guided tour was led by Alejandra Naftal, executive director of the Museum, who welcomed the Legal and Technical Secretary and extended the invitation to other officials of the Executive Branch.