In the context of the ESMA Museum and Site of Memory’s candidacy to the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine Husni Abdel Wahed visited the Museum on June 16, together with his collaborators Riyad Alhalabi and Sheryn Barham.

The diplomat highlighted the efforts of the institution’ staff and the importance of the Argentine process of Memory, Truth and Justice. In addition, he stated that the State of Palestine will strongly support the application to the World Heritage List through its representation before UNESCO.

“The Museum tells a sad story, but at the same time it inspires all to continue the fight for Justice, Memory and the freedom of all men and women. It is something that should never have happened and should never happen again. In that sense, Argentina is a good example of Memory”, said Abdel Wahed. Regarding the candidacy, he added: “It is extremely important because the pain, the Memory and the history belong to all of humanity. You have our unconditional support to promote it.”